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#CodeNameDepartmentDistrictApproved Project Cost (in Lakhs)Fund Utilized so far(in Lakhs)Source of FundingCreate DateFinancial YearProject Status
1SS/23-D3/UtlouPS(RP)-BPRConstruction of Boundary Wall with Gate (Rejuvenation Project) under Samagra Shiksha, 2022-2023 at Utlou Primary School, Utlou Mayai Leikai, BishnupurEducation (S)Bishnupur37.370.00CSS / CPS25/07/20242022-2023Project Status
2SPT/Saikul Bazar parking to N Zilphai/200Impvt of road from Saikul Bazar parking to N, Zilphai vai Gamdeiphai & New SaikulPWDKangpokpi60.0018.00State Plan25/07/20242023-2024Project Status
3SPT/Impvt from Khoide Biisho- Naamai Zho/199Impvt of road from Khoide Biisho - Naamai ZhoPWDSenapati120.0030.00State Plan25/07/20242023-2024Project Status
4TBL/Darpan/Plan/24/03Impvt. of IVR in and around Yairipok KekruPWDThoubal50.000.00State Plan25/07/20242023-2024Project Status
5SE-1/DAR/23-24/BD-Rw.513 5 Bridges Kongba RivProtection and Restoration of 5 Nos Bridges over Kongba RiverPWDImphal-East40.000.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
6SHD/Constn of Sadu Khoiroi to Moirang Low/198Construction of road from Sadu khoiroi to Moirang Low Canal 2 kmPWDKangpokpi110.0033.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
7SHD/Impvt of Chothe IVR 1.5km/197Impvt of Chothe IVR 1.5 kmPWDKangpokpi100.0030.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
8SHD/PMGSY rd to Luipapme tang Irang Tangk/196Impvt of road PMGSY raod to Luipapme Tang at Irang Tangkhul villagePWDKangpokpi70.0020.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
9SHD/Impvt of road at Mapao Khullen/195Impvt of road at Mapao KhullenPWDKangpokpi70.0017.50State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
10SHD/Impvt of Ningthemchakhul Sopeland/194Impvt of road Ningthemchakhul SopelangPWDKangpokpi70.0017.50State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
11SHD/Impvt of New Salem Village road/193Impvt of New Salem Village roadPWDKangpokpi60.0015.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
12SHD/Impvt of Happyland Road/192Impvt of Happy Land roadPWDKangpokpi80.0020.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
13SHD/Impvt of Laikoiching High School road/191Impvt of Laikoiching High School roadPWDKangpokpi65.0019.50State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
14NNY/Constn of PWD Office at Noney/190Construction of PWD Office at NoneyPWDNoney180.0054.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
15NNY/Impvt from NH 37 around Khumji- II/189Impvt of road from NH-37 to in and around Khumji-IIPWDNoney50.000.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
16NNY/Impvt of Khunkhu Naga village road/187Impvt of road at Khunkhu Naga village 4.5 kmPWDNoney95.000.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
17IED/Mahabali Haokip Veng road/906Improvement of Mahabali Haokip Veng road i/c DrainPWDImphal-East40.0024.00State Plan24/07/20242022-2023Project Status
18TML/New&Old DC Bungalow-TML/87Renovation and Improvement of New & Old DC Bungalow at Tamenglong HQPWDTamenglong80.000.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
19TML/Repairing Type-I Quarter-TML/86Repairing of Type-I Quarter at Tamenglong H/QPWDTamenglong15.000.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status
20TML/3 Nos. Type-II Quarter-TML/85Repairing of 3 Nos. of Type II Quarter at Tamenglong H/QPWDTamenglong50.000.00State Plan24/07/20242023-2024Project Status